Embeded System and Robotics Courses

Embedded System refers to a system that resides completely inside the device it control. In terms of robotics and the science of robots embedded systems plays a very vital role as it is the backbone of robotics. Students within the Robotics and Embedded Systems major will explore all aspects of robotics technology such as mechanical design, mechanical engineering, controls, digital logic design, embedded programming, machine vision, and adaptive algorithm development of robotics systems. Building from this base, students will implement a microprocessor using digital logic design. Students will also learn to optimize robotics technology using digital hardware design, software programming, and digital and analog circuit design analysis.



  • Many electrical and computer engineering projects involve some kind of embedded systems
  • You will get better career opportunities in field of Embedded System.
  • Command over Embedded Systems technical domain
  • Students can make their career in the field of robotics
  • Duration4-6 weeks plan
    As per the discussion
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